ComonGames announces the developement of episode two for ‘The Uncertain’

ComonGames announces the developement of episode two for ‘The Uncertain’

In a time where episodic games are gaining more and more popularity, it is understandable that everyone wants to pitch in on the hype. With a broad array of styles and settings there is enough to please everyone and being unique is starting to get challenging. This is where ComonGames comes into play: they recently announced that they are beginning the development the second part of their episodic series “The Uncertain”. While episode one – The Last Quiet day was a sort of training grounds for them as they took their missteps and flaws that where present in this episode in consideration. This means that the controls will be modified to allow better movement and puzzles will be made more sophisticated. To improve on the quality story wise the developers decided to bring some big guns to the table, with a name like Sergei Chakmaev they now got a professional script- and sci-fi writer on board.

We are surely looking forward to this second episode, which will be released in the third quarter of 2017

Uncertain Adventures 4

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