Complex Dream – A crossover event between ‘Another Eden’ and ‘Chrono Cross’!

Complex Dream – A crossover event between ‘Another Eden’ and ‘Chrono Cross’!

After 22 years, Chrono Cross returns with a special crossover adventure between the 2021 single-player JRPG ‘Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space’ and the classic role-playing game ‘Chrono Cross’! This event was launched today, December 9th 2021, in-game within ‘Another Eden’ on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam for PC. Another Eden is a multi-platform adventure JRPG, developed and published by WFS.

This crossover features beloved characters from Chrono Cross like Serge, Kid, and Harle, who will be joining Another Eden as new party members, voiced for the first time in the Chrono series history. Alongside them, classic characters Lynx, Glenn, and Starkey will appear within the story as well. Another Eden’s single-player, story-driven JRPG gameplay is paying a fitting homage to Chrono Cross with Complex Dream, bringing in new mechanics, including New Game+ with branching storylines, combo attacks, field effects, and more.

Chrono Cross is a JRPG which was originally released for PlayStation by Square (now Square Enix) in 2000, and this is the first crossover for Chrono Cross with another game. The story of this crossover event has been written by Masato Kato, the original writer and director of Chrono Cross.

For more information, visit the Crossover Special Website for Complex Dream!

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