Constructor released for PS4, Xbox One and Steam

Constructor released for PS4, Xbox One and Steam

The name ‘Constructor’ might ring a bell, as it is also the title from an old game. In this reimagined game, you have to build a successful city while dealing with some nuisances. If you’re not yet certain if this title is something for you, you can play a free demo which has the full playthrough of the tutorial and 12 minutes where you can go wild in the single player.

“Constructor’s release represents the beginning of a remarkable journey for this reimaged classic. We’ve been truly humbled by Constructor fans who have so enthusiastically supported us through the development of the title, and we’re confident that the final game will deliver an experience that does justice to the Constructor name. With much more to come in terms of downloadable content and multiplayer modes, we’re delighted to launch the game to an eager Constructor audience.”

John Twiddy, Head of Development for Constructor.


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