Contest: 1x Sennheiser HD 400 Pro

Contest: 1x Sennheiser HD 400 Pro

With the world being a bit of a mess these last few years with the pandemic and now the ongoing war, we somewhat neglected our very own 10th birthday. After 10 years we have seen our platform grow and we are extremely happy to see many participants join our contests and read our reviews. We do hope to entertain many readers across the globe for many more years to come. That being said, we will not bore you with very long speeches and we’ll just dive right into the celebrations. Courtesy of Sennheiser, we’ll be able to host four amazing hardware contests, where we’ll give away extremely cool Sennheiser products. We’ll start off by giving away Sennheiser’s HD 400 Pro, which is an amazing piece of studio equipment. How can you join in to have a go at winning this superb prize? You’ll simply have to answer the following two questions!

  • What plug-in was great to work with when trying out the HD 400 Pro? (Answer can be found by clicking here.)
  • How many people will have answered the previous question correctly by the contest’s deadline of Sunday the 18th of September?

Answers have to be mailed to with the header HD 400 Pro before the contest’s deadline.

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