Contest: 1x Steelrising (Xbox Series X/S) (Belgium Only)

Contest: 1x Steelrising (Xbox Series X/S) (Belgium Only)

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have yet another fun item we are giving away. For our Belgian readers, we have a physical Xbox Series X/S copy of Steelrising, courtesy of NACON. We very much enjoyed this Soulslike experience that put us in the shoes of Aegis, an automaton fighter. We concluded that the game was a great entry point for those who have little experience with titles such as Dark Souls. That being said, we’re once again going to keep things simple for our giveaway.

  • Which king stars as the antagonist in Steelrising? (Answer can be found by clicking here.)
  • How many people will have answered the previous question correctly by the contest’s deadline of Wednesday the 28th of September?

Answers have to be mailed to with the header Steelrising before the contest’s deadline.

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