Contest: 2x BodyQuest kits (T-shirt, Mug and Poster!)

Contest: 2x BodyQuest kits (T-shirt, Mug and Poster!)

The collaboration between Didactoons and Artax Games has been quite fruitful, as both worked together on two great educational games. In 2020 we tried to work with numbers in MathLand, which donned a pirate theme to make things more fun, while last month we battle a nasty virus in the future in BodyQuest while learning about the human body. Even though both games still have a few rough edges here and there, the overall experience proved to be entertaining, fun, and educational for both young and old. To celebrate the release of their latest game, we are allowed to giveaway two massively cool kits for BodyQuest. These kits contain a T-shirt, a mug and a small poster.

We’re going to keep things very simple for this one, as you’ll just have to guess the number of participants for this contest, by its deadline on Sunday the 25th of April.

Mail your answers to with as header BodyQuest before the end of the giveaway.

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