Contest: 3x loot package Shadow of the Colossus

Contest: 3x loot package Shadow of the Colossus

Boys and girls, you know we love to give away fun stuff and this time we might have hit the motherload when it come to spiffy collectibles and great games. Sony gave us the wonderful opportunity to give away three PlayStation 4 packages for Shadow of the Colossus, the brand new remake of the classic title. In this package you can find a promo copy of the game, a sweater, a fun Sackboy keychain and last but not least, a Shadow of the Colossus journal for you to write your deepest darkest secrets. We’ll keep this contest simple, so you can dive right into the action and hopefully win one of the three packages.

What will you have to do to have a go at one of the packages:

  • Answer the following three questions
    • When did the original Shadow of the Colossus release? (EU or NA release are both correct)
    • On what console did the original game appear?
    • How many people will have answered the question correctly by the contest’s deadline, Saturday the 7th of April?

Mail your answers to with the subject “Shadow of the Colossus”.

If you’re sure you have answered the questions correctly, you can earn extra entries by:

  • Liking our page on Facebook here.
  • Following us on Twitter here.
  • Subscribing to us on YouTube here.

Each of the above earns you one extra entry if you have answered the questions correctly (safe for question three). If you already follow us on these social media platforms, send us proof in the mail.



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