Contest: Crown of Three (Driesterrenkroon) (Belgium and The Netherlands only)

Contest: Crown of Three (Driesterrenkroon) (Belgium and The Netherlands only)

Not that long ago we reviewed the first book of Crown of Three, which proved to be a very interesting fantasy tale about triplets who were seperated at birth, each growing up as far away from each other as possible. Each of them having their own special power and set of skills thanks to their upbringing, we were saddened having to wait for the second book to come out. Nonetheless, today we wish to share the joy with you, as we’re giving one Dutch copy away. The rules will be simple, as we don’t want you to wait for this fun book any longer.

What will you have to do in order to have a go at this lovely prize?

Answer the following two questions:

  • To which series did we compare the book in our review?
  • How many people will correctly answer the question above?

Mail your answers to

You can enter the contest until Friday the 19th of August. Winner will receive a notification by Sunday the 21st of August.

In case of the winner not claiming his/her prize within 14 days after the notification, the prize will be sent to the runner-up. 


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