Contest: Devolo & Red Bull multiplayer pack! (Benelux)

Even though the world is slowly recovering from its global lockdown state, the pandemic is sadly not over yet. While many places are slowly opening up again, and some are even allowing tourists to roam through their streets again, we reckon a lot of people will spend most of 2021’s summer at home. As we like to treat our readers to the best of the best, we are quite eager to present you with our next giveaway. Courtesy of Devolo and Red Bull, we are allowed to give away an awesome combo pack. Participants will have a chance at winning a Magic 2 LAN triple Starter Kit and an assortment of refreshing Red Bull cans. Those who want to know how a powerline works, feel free to check out our review of the aforementioned Starter Kit here. This combo pack is a great opportunity to invite your friends over for a few gaming sessions, or a nice evening of binging Netflix, while being able to stream and game at lighting-fast speeds without having to worry about a nice collection of drinks. 

For this next contest, we’ll keep things simple. To be eligible to have a chance at winning this cool pack, you’ll have to answer the following questions:

  • Which recent PlayStation 5 exclusive did we award with a perfect score? (Answer can be found by browsing our PS5 reviews here.)
  • How many people will have answered this question correctly by the contest’s deadline, Sunday the 11th of July?

Answers have to be mailed to with the header Multiplayer Pack before the contest’s deadline.

The winner will be notified by mail several days after the contest’s deadline.

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