Contest: Extinct (De Flummels) 3x DVD

Contest: Extinct (De Flummels) 3x DVD

It has been a while since we last gave away a few fun animated movies. That changes now, however! Thanks to Belga Home Video we are able to give away three DVD copies of Extinct (De Flummels) to our loyal readers. Even though Christmas may have already passed, it’s never too late to score a fun present for the kids (or for yourself). For this one, we’ll keep things very simple.

To be eligible for one of the copies, you’ll have to answer the following two questions before the deadline of the contest, Wednesday the 12th of January.

  • With what type of candy/snack do we compare the Flummels’ body in our review? (Answer can be found by clicking here.)
  • How many participants will have guessed this question correct by the contest’s deadline?

Mail your answers to with as header Extinct before the end of the giveaway.

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