Contest lets players design their own Pokémon Trading Card

Contest lets players design their own Pokémon Trading Card

Pokémon Art Academy has been out on 3DS for quite a while now, offering drawing and painting lessons to teach aspiring artists how to create their favourite monsters.

Starting next week, the Pokémon Company International will be hosting a Miiverse contest in which owners of the game can post their own designs for Pokémon trading cards. A jury of Pokémon developers will choose six winners, who will each be sent 100 official trading cards carrying their own design.

Those who are interested might want to know that the competition will be divided into two categories. The first one is based on Cosplay Pikachu and requires you to draw this Pokémon wearing a costume of your own creation. The second category allows you to draw your favourite Pokémon using the Free Paint mode within the game.

It should be noted that any trading cards being produced as a prize for this contest will never be sold in any Pokémon TCG packages, nor will they be allowed in official events.


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