Contest: Sandberg Streamer USB Desk Microphone

Face it, platforms such as ours are getting a bit dated for many youngers gamers and influencers out there. It has become a fairly attractive pastime for gamers to stream their adventures, and while many are doing great attempts at doing so, they often lack the proper setup to provide qualitative entertainment. Luckily, one of our long-supporting contacts has made it possible for a lucky streamer to win a Sandberg Streamer USB Desk Microphone, which we recently reviewed. You can read our initial review by clicking here.

It’s close to the Holiday season, and with half of the world in lockdown again, we will keep things simple as life is quite stressful now. We will just require the following steps for you to be eligible for winning a Streamer USB Desk Microphone:

  • Which microphone was Sandberg’s original microphone in their gaming line and was later discontinued? (Answer can be found in the review of the Streamer USB Desk Microphone)
  • How many people will have answered the above question correctly before this contest’s deadline, Sunday the 22nd of November?

Answers can be mailed to, with as subject line Streamer Microphone before the contest deadline of Sunday the 22nd of November.

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