Contest: The Maze Runner – Design your own maze!

Contest: The Maze Runner – Design your own maze!

The Maze Runner fans have already marked their calendars for 18 February, as the film adaptation of James Dashner’s best seller will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on this very date. Because this milestone shouldn’t go unnoticed, 20th Century Fox has decided to organize an official release event in Brussels, Belgium.

A true celebration needs gifts, and this is where you, our most faithful of readers, come in. A Maze Runner would be pretty useless without, well, mazes to run. Therefore, we’re giving you the chance to design your very own maze in whichever way you see fit. Do you want to showcase your drawing skills? Great! Build a scale model? Fantastic! Can you Photoshop the greatest maze of all time? Bring it on!

Send in your mazes to until the 9th of February to compete for a ticket to the The Maze Runner release event, joining our own 3rd Strike team on either 11 or 18 February in Brussels. Don’t live anywhere near the capital of Europe? Participants also get a chance to win one of our two The Maze Runner DVD’s or a Blu-Ray, courtesy of 20th Century Fox.

To the drawing board!

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