Contest: The Quarry (1x PS5 & 1x Xbox Series X/S)

Contest: The Quarry (1x PS5 & 1x Xbox Series X/S)

We recently had an amazing time playing through The Quarry. This narrative-driven experience gave us the task of saving several young adults, who were unaware of the danger that lurked around Hackett’s Quarry. We soon found ourselves battling strange things in the night, and before we knew it, we were quite enamored by the game’s atmosphere and visual prowess. Now, however, thanks to 2K Games, we are able to give away two copies of the game. Readers who want to join in can have a chance at winning either a PS5 or an Xbox Series X/S copy of the game. As always, we’ll keep things simple. To be eligible to win a copy of the game, please answer the following two questions.

  • What other series are the developers of The Quarry currently working on? (Answer can be found by clicking here.)
  • How many people will have answered the previous question correctly by the contest’s deadline of Wednesday the 20th of July?

Answers have to be mailed to with the header The Quarry before the contest’s deadline. Please specify the platform of your choice (PS5 or Xbox Series X/S)

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