Controversial Hatred gets free FPS Mod

Controversial Hatred gets free FPS Mod

Back in 2014 Hatred was released and crowned one of the most controversial games of that year. Your goal was to kill as many humans as possible by playing as a misanthropic mass-killing sociopath. It was removed from Steam Greenlight due to its extremely violent content, but was brought back and successfully greenlit a couple of weeks later.

Destructive Creations Studio has announced that a free FPS Mod has been released for everyone that already bought the game. The Mod was created by a community member and a little bit of help from the development team, who’d like to thank the autor’s amazing effort.

Curious how the game looks with this FPS Mod? Check out these screenshots!

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Controversial Hatred gets free FPS Mod, 6.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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