Cooking Witch – Review
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Developer: VaragtP
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Cooking Witch – Review

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You might remember some of the bed night stories that you’ve heard as a child. Some of them might not always be as pleasant as other ones, for instance giants running rampant or witches trying to take you in the night. Well, if you’re scared of those wretched creatures, Cooking Witch might actually help you get over it. At least, if you’re keen on getting the bloodlust that goes with it.

Cooking Witch


From the fairy tale ‘Hansel and Gretel’ we’ve learned that witches have a favorite type of food, namely the succulent meat from children. If you were hoping to be saving those dear babies, you’re kind of looking into the wrong game. Instead of trying to shield them from harm, you’re actually going to snitch them away and boil them in your giant pot. It seems that everyone is out for the night, dancing under the moonlight. Mistakes were made, as it’s the perfect setting for you to grab those juicy toddlers and get all the meat you want.

There isn’t anything story-related added to the game. The only thing you know, is that a witch has a huge craving for children’s flesh and you’re going to get it no matter what. It would have been nice if there was a bit of narrative added, so you would know why you’re not happy with some deer or boar.


The game looks like it’s handdrawn and really fits the setting. The forest is clad in a beautiful background and the dark surrounding is perfect to see your giant cooking pot glowing in the night. There are some yucky children here and there, all wearing their matching outfits, but they will “meat” their fate rather sooner than later.

Cooking Witch

Although everything looks rather nice, it’s not the same what you can say for the witch. It is just a green blob with a broom, trying to get some nice snacks with her trusty fishing line. In the end, everything fits together nicely and looks appealing.


The game doesn’t provide its own tunes but takes some rather well-known music to guide the activities. This isn’t bad but it would’ve been nice if there were some authentic, original tracks in Cooking Witch as well. The sound effects and ambience of the game do help you with the immersion. For instance, don’t you just love the cries of children being thrown into a cooking pot, followed by a nice microwave ping?


Cooking Witch will take you on a trip where your loot is some juicy chopsticks. To do so, you will need your trusty broom to soar above the partygoers, while the hook is a necessary tool for this cooking process. When the light is banished by the darkness of the night, your time to shine is near. Grabbing a child is as easy as pie, just fly over it and click the left mouse button. Of course, depending on the size of your prey, your stamina will drop significantly. It could be that you have to let your loot go, but you can also go for a second round of course.

Cooking Witch

There are four different types of children and you can recognise them from the color of their shirt. Cooking them will result in a different outcome. For instance, the red children will give you more hearts while the chubby yellow ones will provide you with succulent meat. Next to some treats, you can also get stars which will give you back some of the previous passed time.

Of course, it would be rather mean if there weren’t any adults close by. When the children make too much ruckus for instance, a daddy will show up and he will bring his beautiful shotgun to put some lead in your body. The more you cook, the more will show up. This gives an extra difficulty as you’ll need to dodge these intruders but you can take them out by dropping some children on them. Then, you can drag them to your huge pot and cook them! Of course, little ones are more tasty so kids will give you better loot.

Cooking Witch

Dragging children or adults will deplete your stamina meter and when this is completely gone, you will drop your treasure. Of course, more heavy loot will decrease your stamina faster. There is also a health meter so keep that in mind as well. Flying into gunfire and fireworks will deplete this faster than you can say ‘chopsticks’, so it’s a good idea to dodge these. Next to having a feast, your meat is also used to buy upgrades. For instance, both meters can get boosted, while you can also increase your flying speed by buying new brooms. Extra hooks for more grabbing is also a possibility, or maybe you just fancy a new cooking pot? It’s your choice.

New purchasable options are added when gathering three stars by completing several tasks. For example, it could be that you need to cook several blue children before getting your reward. Since there is only one level, the counter works over several rounds of fetching fun. On the other hand, as it only has one level, it might get boring rather soon as nothing new pops up. In the end, it would’ve been suitable as a mobile game, but less to play mindlessly on your PC.



If flying around and doing evil stuff is something you like to do, then Cooking Witch is certainly something to consider. Grabbing innocent children for increasing your own feast, party-crashing and knocking out adults, this is all possible in Cooking Witch. The handdrawn lookalike images makes it an enjoyable game, while the sound effects just give it that bit extra.

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Cooking Witch - Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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