Cool brah, X-Games coming to Steep

Cool brah, X-Games coming to Steep

Duuude, did ya knawh the X-Games are coming to Steep? Well now you do. Available from October the 30th, the X-Games Season Pass is coming to PC, Xbox, and PS4 and drops players in the middle of the action in the famous village in Alaska. Ski Resort Tycoon has nothing on it when you become the winter games legend you’ve always deserved to be with spectacular events such as the Big Air, Super Pipe & Slopestyle. Once you finish all those events, you’ll also unlock some additional challenges with players from across the world in new freestyle modes, or shred through the gnar in the cool ‘ Throwback 90’s ‘  Rocket Wings challenges, which will additionally be available on December 4th.

The X-Games pass includes:

  • The X-Games DLC
  • The Throwback 90′ s DLC for an old school vibe to the game
  • The Rocket Wings DLC in which you’ll race past the great white peaks of the mountains in your Rocket Wings

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