Cooler Master and Sorama want to save your ears

Cooler Master and Sorama want to save your ears

Serious PC gamers know what it’s like to play next to a wind turbine. However powerful your rig may be, the volume of your beast can be an earsore, which only gets worse as hardware continues to evolve. Cooler Master and Sorama have informed us of a study of the World Health Organisation, which states that “the consequence of prolonged exposure to sound pollution is potentially harmful to humans. Sound pollution is number two on the list of most harmful environmental factors to human health.”

Both companies believe that by working together, they can mix their specialities into a noise cancelling hardware bouillabaisse. Cooler Master has chosen to use Sorama’s sound camera to accurately measure the vibrations put forth by its products, aiming to use these data to ensure that their next generation of hardware will be as quiet as possible.

Sorama has made a small video to explain how these measurements are made, so hardware aficionados: this one’s for you!

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Cooler Master and Sorama want to save your ears, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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