Corentin De drie parels van Sa-Skya – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Jean Van Hamme
Illustrations: Christophe Simon
Coloring: Alexandre Carpentier
Publisher: Le Lombard

Corentin De drie parels van Sa-Skya – Comic Book Review

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Corentin is considered another Belgian classic series, but perhaps a little less know than other mammoths our small country has seen over the years. Nonetheless, the series dates back from the fifties when the first full-fledged album was released of the blonde adventurer. Sadly, this series didn’t see that many releases, and the last few years we were only teased with reprints or bundle items, which never presented the fans with something new. Today however, we have some new content, that is actually an old story that has finally been finished thanks to Christophe Simon, giving the blonde lad another chance to shine.

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Corentin doesn’t know what he wants to do with the rest of his life, as his life is currently undergoing a standstill. He loves being close to the raja of Sompur, who grants him opportunities not many of the other inhabitants have, especially when all of a sudden the raja asks Corentin to become his son-in-law, by marrying Sa-Skya, his beautiful daughter. He gives his daughter three priceless pearls as her dowry, which she can give to her future husband. Startled by the proposition, Corentin declines and tells the raja he was actually planning to leave, to explore, learn new things and see what the world has in store for him. This infuriates the man who wanted him to become his successor and he states that he will not help the young adventurer with his travels. Pondering on what to do, Corentin wanders around for a bit, before properly deciding his course of action. Nonetheless, it seems he has to stay a bit longer when he gets word that the pearls have been stolen, and he was one of a handful of people that knew where they were.

Overall the story progresses at a rapid pace, simply because this album is rather thin. Nonetheless, there is more than enough time to process all the facts and events that are occurring as there isn’t all that much meat to the story, which in this case isn’t a negative aspect. You’ll be treated to a decent adventurous detective story by the hand of Jean Van Hamme.

The illustrations by Christophe Simon are a great example of ‘something old and something new’. Corentin, the other characters and the setting all look like a blast from the past, or perhaps more suitingly said: his drawings remain true to the original series. Nonetheless, modern techniques and a hefty amount of details make the series quite suitable for the current wave of comic books hitting the stores. The coloring by Alexandre Carpentier keeps the retro touch intact by choosing his colors from a more bland palette.


Corentin De drie parels van Sa-Skya is a great adventurous detective story for young and old, while staying true to the source material. Even at his blessed age of 77, Jean Van Hamme still cranks out a great story, even though he had to sit on the plot for quite some time. If you want to plow through an exciting story as a pastime, this story will surely tingle your senses. Certainly a great homage to the work of Paul Cuvelier.

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Corentin De drie parels van Sa-Skya - Comic Book Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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