CountryBalls Heroes release postponed

CountryBalls Heroes release postponed

Today, the developers of Innominate Games have announced that the release of CountryBalls Heroes will be pushed to Q4 of this year. CountryBalls Heroes is a crazy turn-based strategy game packed with memes and references to the real world.

Sadly, because the reviewing team of Steam needs more time to take a look the game, the release has to be postponed. The game’s development already has been concluded with the game 100% completed, but due to the aforementioned reason, CountryBalls Heroes will have to release later this year. Because Steam procedures require to wait at least thirty days before setting a new exact release date, the date has now been changed to Q4, allowing the devs to give more specific information when they get the green light from Steam.

Initially, the developers planned a launch discount of 15%, but they’ve now decided to increase this to 20%. The extra time will be spent on developing the multiplayer mode that has been requested a lot by the community.

Check out the hilarious trailer for CountryBalls Heroes below this post.

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