Cozy up with First Class Trouble’s new content pack

Cozy up with First Class Trouble’s new content pack

First Class Trouble, the multiplayer social deduction game by independent developer Invisible Walls ApS and game publisher Versus Evil, gets double the fun with its vast array of cosmetic options. And today, there will be more getting added to it! 

After December’s exciting new indoor Ski Resort map, the devs added some new content for us to enjoy which is called the ‘Keep Warm Pack’. This latest content pack gives players a snazzy new selection of winter clothing including a full-body ski suit, colored snowshoes, a warm cocoa hat, a big winter coat, sweaters, and even a Racoon hat, the pack also adds a Scandinavian styled beer tray vruumba to serve some cold ones too!

“The Indoor Ski Resort Map was our most successful addition to the game to date in terms of content and player engagement, players loved the activities we introduced last month including the devious ways personoids could take out other players. In terms of area size and scope it was also our largest map, so introducing some new character content seemed appropriate given its popularity” said Niels Wetteberg, CEO of developer Invisible Walls.

You snooze, you lose. Stop stalling and snatch your winter wardrobe now on Steam for PC and the PlayStation Store.

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“Keep your friends close, but your memes even closer”.

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