Crazy Machines 3 gets teased

Crazy Machines 3 gets teased

Crazy Machines 3 is a new title in the Crazy Machines series. The creators are building on something solid here, with a big fanbase and a large enthusiasm from both the developers and the fans of the games.

The newest addition to the game is the hyperrealism, solid bodies, electricity, wind, light, lasers and more for you to experiment with and solve puzzles with.

What’s more fun than creating something? Being able to share it! In the upcoming iteration of Crazy Machines, you’ll be able to create building pieces from a large amount of materials and colours. You can then share them with the online community so they can use them in their own creations, effectively using your creation to create something even bigger.

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First game ever was Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped, ever since then, gaming has been something that I've gravitated to. Reading's fun but not as interactive. Always up for a bout of online multiplayer. If that multiplayer is co-op. So if you are up for a friendly co-op session, hit me up. Rahenik's the name to search on PSN.

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