Crazy Machines VR – Review
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Developer: FAKT Software GmbH
Publisher: FAKT Software GmbH
Platform: PC, PS4
Tested on: PC

Crazy Machines VR – Review

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Good: the fun of creating physics puzzles in a VR environment
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Puzzles in which you use the laws of physics have been around for quite some time. In the beginning you might have experimented with dominos and chaining these together with other objects to create a link of events where everything falls right. The coming of more powerful engines and advanced computing widely opened the door for these kinds of games. It was only a matter of time before a Virtual Reality version was made, and now, Crazy Machine VR makes its appearance in our libraries.


The life of a scientist is always full of excitement and mystery, especially when you step into the shoes of a crazy one that finds a strange artifact near his lab. As you put on the lab coat and rubber gloves to conduct experiments, you shall find out the truth behind the mysterious package that showed up at your doorstep. The game begins with a slightly maniacal scientist that instead of going straight to the point, likes to beat around the bush. That is why it takes so much longer to do your work and why you might have missed a prize or two. One day, you find a mysterious package around the lab, and while investigating, it seems that this little alien creature harnesses the potential of limitless energy. Let us say that thanks to the wacky experiments of your character, the story gets a nice and long twist. Its flow might be a bit slow, but this is done to explain you even the deepest nooks and crannies of the storyline.


For a game that is played behind a working desk, it does its best to give the player a nice and immersive feeling. You start in the laboratory but will soon change backgrounds many times as you will use other rooms or even go outside on an adventure, all while staying at your desk however. The scenery is very detailed, creating an enjoyable atmosphere; your workspace is very clear and all the objects look realistic. Overall, playing Crazy Machines VR is a colorful experience that has a positive effect on your mood thanks to the rich and vivid colors. This also makes the game ideal for kids to fool around with in a virtual environment. Just make sure that they don’t break anything in the room.


Ah, the scientist, a charismatic character that likes to talk to himself all the time. Since he is so lonely and his only companion is his helper robot, this makes for some funny conversations. The scientist is both the narrator as well as the main protagonist, which is a fun way to tell the story. The flow from narration to gameplay goes swiftly and makes you want to complete the level just to know what happens next. While conducting experiments, all the parts you are using have the right sound effects, which is definitely a plus. This makes it so realistic that, after a while, it feels like you are doing this in the real world and not in a videogame.


Crazy Machines VR is a physics-based puzzle game that is set in a virtual environment. You play as a wacky scientist that discovers a mysterious package near his lab. By conducting all kinds of experiments, you find out that the content of said container is a mysterious alien. Normal researchers do their work in a structured manner, to ensure quick and qualitative work. You, on the other hand, do not feel the same and set up your experiments with a large detour that involves a chain of physical events. While it feels like you’re just mucking about at a desk, there is actually a proper order to conduct your experiments. At your desk you will see locations marked on your map, which will require a certain item, in order to start an action/reaction. If you complete all the sequences in order, you will have achieved your goal. At the beginning your options of locations are limited, and the game will make it easy for you. After a while you’ll have to inspect different locations, try out in which order you’ll have to work, and if the locations are relevant or not. However, you always have the right parts to work with and everything needs to be used, which slightly decreases the difficulty. Moreover, if you are stuck beyond help, there is always one helpline that is infinitely usable: your helper bot. This robot scans the part and shows you where to place it, slightly insulting you in the progress. Thanks to this mechanic, you will never be stuck, but it does have a small cool down time to prevent you from spamming it. While the whole package of gameplay is fun and is cool to watch, we did stumble on various performance issues.

Controlling the game is quite easy; you have both hands to work with in a small space, so there isn’t that much moving around your room. This makes it ideal for those who have smaller play areas. Furthermore, objects snap to the selected location and also have their locked direction. This makes the game quite easy as it prevents the player from being stuck.


Crazy Machines VR is a fun title, if you own a Virtual Reality headset and want to complete puzzles in a colorful environment. Its setting makes it an enjoyable experience for both adults and kids, which is also thanks to the slightly increasing difficulty. In the beginning, the game will gladly hold your hand, but the real challenge starts when the training wheels come off. Since there is always an option to get direct help, this is a game that everyone can complete. The only downside is that we suffered some performance issues, which hopefully get fixed in later updates.

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Rating: 7.3/10 (4 votes cast)
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Crazy Machines VR – Review, 7.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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