Crazy Pixel Streaker is looking for an audience

Crazy Pixel Streaker is looking for an audience

When watching a sports match like soccer on the television, it might happen that you’ll see a streaker running around and trying to disturb the event. The Spanish game studio Lubiterum thought it was a good idea to pour this into a game and it has to be said, it actually looks quite fun to do as you can deliberately sabotage the outcome of the matches.

These are some features the game has to offer:

  • DON’T PLAY SPORTS! Run half-naked through fields, armed with a water-pistol for the good holy mess instead.
  • A hilarious arsenal of wild fantasy animal mounts to unleash your rage among the wild tumult.
  • Choose if want to face your mission alone or with up to three friends (online and local). Advice: Be careful, each new player increases the pandemonium exponentially.
  • Travel the world forever and ever in our Endless Adventure Mode, spiced as should be, with yummy permadeath sauce.
  • Party mode: Compete with your pals in a series of minigames, only the best streaker will get the glory.

If you want to see more about this crazy game, you can always take a look on their Greenlight page.

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