Create Your Very Own Skylander in Skylanders Creators

Create Your Very Own Skylander in Skylanders Creators

Activision has teamed up with 3D printing company Shapeways to offer a limited run of custom-printed Skylander heroes. If players don’t want to spend the $50 for a 3D, color printing of their creation, there’s also the option to buy a custom $25 shirt or a $15 Imaginator card. All of the custom merchandise can be ordered through the free Skylanders Creator mobile app due out October 14 in Europe.

Once a hero is created with the app or the game, players can store the creation in a creation crystal, the 3D-printed figure or the thick, plastic card. At launch, 3D-printed figurines will only be available in the U.S. and Europe. Activision declined to say how many printings will be supported in the limited first run.

Skylanders creator

For $14.99 players can opt for a custom trading card instead. Like the figure, it is a fully-playable Skylander. All players have to do is set it on the portal and it springs to life. It’s just flatter.

The Skylanders Creator app will also allows players ways to create, browse and share their characters as well as unlock special parts to use in making their Skylander army.


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