Creator of GTFO releases ‘behind the scenes’ documentary

Creator of GTFO releases ‘behind the scenes’ documentary

Swedish independent game developer 10 Chambers Collective, formed in 2015 by a small team of veterans, previously known for titles such as PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2, is currently developing GTFO, a four-player Co-Op Action Horror FPS game, aimed at hardcore gamers. The full game will not release before this spring on Steam, but they are now releasing a short GTFO: Behind the Scenes Documentary.

The Documentary will feature tons of new information about the game, such as interviews with the developers and previously unseen gameplay footage. We will get to see the evolution of the game, from the first rough sketches to how it has grown over its three years of development. GTFO will put great emphasis on story, and has hired renowned writer Adam Gascoine, known for The Last of Us and DOOM, and experienced actors to keep the voice acting at the highest level. Story elements will not come via a traditional story campaign mode, but will evolve through continuous updates of the game.

For more information on GTFO, or if you already want to wishlist it on Steam, be sure to check their Steam page, or follow them on Twitter, Discord, YouTube and Facebook, and join the Ambassador Program to get development info ahead of the public.


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