CreatorCrate Developer Walkthrough Showcases Its Grabby Robot Rampage

CreatorCrate Developer Walkthrough Showcases Its Grabby Robot Rampage

Indie developer Jori Ryan has released a Developer Walkthrough video showcasing how to play her innovative grabby robot rampage game CreatorCrate.

Set in a rotating space station, you will play as CreatorCrate, a revolutionary autonomous home appliance who decided that eternal servitude in a kitchen was not his destiny… Departing on a wild adventure, using his free will to matter-manipulate abilities and fight the humans who are trying to stop him from escaping, you’re in for a very intense platformer experience.

The video now released shows how CreatorCrate can use the power of physics to unleash chaos upon its captors: print anything you want, then use your newfound apparatus as a weapon, shield, or tool, to scramble your way through an array of guards, robots, and high-tech defenses! CreatorCrate has a world of possibilities, thanks to its persistent physics system, player freedom, and levels.

Watch the Developer Walkthrough trailer here:

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