Croixleur Sigma – Review
Follow Genre: Hack and Slash
Developer: Nyu Media
Publisher: Nyu Media
Platform: PC

Croixleur Sigma – Review

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After a successful green lit campaign, Nyu Media’s arcade style hack-and-slash game Croixleur Sigma got released on Steam in September 2013. Is the game worth it or not, you ask? Well be sure to read further to learn more about the game.



In the realm of Ilance, two females representing the Knight and Aristocratic factions will do battle in the ‘Adjuvant Trial’. The winner will earn the right to hold political and military authority in Ilance as well as the sacred duty of protecting the queen.

The game’s main protagonists are the red head Lucrezia Visconti and the serious Francesca Storaro. Story mode tells the tale of the two protagonists as they face the Adjuvant Trail, a series of levels that become more difficult as you progress. Story mode is also timed, you have 15 minutes to complete the tower and depending on how quickly (or slowly) you progress different cut scenes may occur.


Croixleur Sigma uses a typical anime/manga style. The characters designs are pretty standard while the enemies do not have many design variations (mostly different color palettes). The style does suit the game, as it is in fact a Japanese doujin (fan made) game.



There is not much to say about the sound. The game doesn’t have much different tracks, which does make it rather bland. But as this game as a whole is rather short, that’s to be expected. The available tracks aren’t much to talk about, except that they may pump you up a bit while beating up your enemies.


This game focuses all of its charm into the game play. Each level is divided in multiple waves of enemies, with a boss at the end of every level. In addition, each level has a time limit which affect the game’s ending. The combat revolves around linking combo’s to each other. Most of the time you will find yourself just smashing attack button until enemies die. If things get tougher, you will something find yourself in the need of a special attack, which often hit multiple enemies. A variety of weapons are available in the game, after beating a level. These weapons do alter your combos, so it does add a bit of variety. Combat is fast paced, it’s all about hit-and-run tactics. Standing still in one place will just allow your enemies to hit you, so movement is the best option you have for avoiding damage. Movement is also possible by jumping and dashing, which are required against stronger enemies (since they will overwhelm you). You can dash several times as long as your MP isn’t used up. Similar to RPG games, defeating enemies levels up you characters, improving your health and magic points.

There is not much variety in enemies, which does make the game rather repetitive. There are, however, quite some tough bosses to take down, which requires you to observe their attack patterns and your special attack to beat them down.


For those who are competitive: there is a high score rank available. By collecting chains, which are achieved from picking up the coins left behind by fallen enemies, your score gets higher. However, once you are hit, you’ll have to start over your chain. Coins have another use, namely allowing you to use your characters special attack. It’s often in your best interest to save this special attack for tougher bosses.

The game also features the standard arcade modes: story mode, score attack, survival, challenge and dramatic battle (co-op).

It is recommended that you use a controller since it is easier to use and using a key board is rather clumsy in this game.


Since the game is very short, the story rather simple and the game play not quite fleshed out, this game is not suited for those who like to play longer sessions. If you are however a really casual gamer, then this game does offer quite a bit when played in shorter sessions. For those that like scoring points, this game might give you your money’s worth.

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