Crossout: 0.8.4 Snowstorm Update

Crossout: 0.8.4 Snowstorm Update

Target Games’ and Gaijin Entertainment’s Crossout celebrates Christmas early with the new 0.8.4 “Snowstorm” update available now until January 5th.

Crossout is an MMO vehicular combat game available on all leading platforms. Crossout gives players the possibility to bring the biggest and baddest (but mostly weirdest) vehicular structures to live. The game is set in a post apocalyptic world and offers players various ways of enhancing their vehicles.

During the Snowstorm update, players are able to join the holiday themed PvE mission called: Christmas Heist. Players will receive “crackers” during this heist which they can sell to other players through the market or use them to buy epic christmas ornaments to decorate their car. These decorations will multiply the experience you’ll gain. This heist will have players forcing their way into the bandits’ den to try to save the Christmas tree from being burned. They will also find theirselves in a hunt for gifts as well as battling a grinch-like bandit leader.

The update also introduces stickers to the game, the first pack of 15 stickers will allow you to pimp your ride into a big holiday themed metal beast.


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