Crossout gets major content update

Crossout gets major content update

Fans of the post-apocalyptic vehicular combat game Cross can rejoice today as Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment released Content Update 0.9.90 and it’s tremendous. The game update introduces the entirely new PvP game mode Domination which requires the teams to fight for dominance over three different control zones across the map. It is a tough game mode that demands tactics and teamwork to secure victory but it’s one of the most fun game modes in any type of game. Domination is available for all players that have reached level 10 and can be played on the new map Nameless Tower. The new map is centered around an old nuclear plant cooling tower, a perfect setting for an apocalyptic Wasteland fight on wheels. Additionally, the map is included in the Missions mode rotation, hosting battles with both Capture and Domination game modes.

“During the absence of people in the Sepulchre, a tall unfinished tower appeared. None of those who were in the city before the disaster, remembered anything of the kind which made the structure even more terrifying and attracted desperate adventurers and explorers.”

A team of four players can now also indulge in a cooperative PvE raid named the Steel Cradle, a huge factory complex that produces the fierce and massive steel beasts Leviathans. The objective is to find out who is building these Leviathans whilst destroying multiple components of the factory before the production is completed, gradually weakening the final boss in the process.

Other than a new map, a new PvP mode and a new PvE raid, the following content has been added;

  • New Scanner – to complete the task ‘scanning debris’, one must now complete 2 battles and the player will receive 40 coins for doing such. The scanner description has also been improved.
  • Faction Blueprints – existing faction blueprints have been improved or changed for Lunatics, Nomads, Scavengers, Dawn’s Children, Steppenwolfs and Firestarters.
  • Parts Fusion – when the same part is re-upgraded, it is guaranteed to get a different result than the current one.
  • Structural Parts – a few things have changed for the Nomads and the Scavengers in terms of parts. The amount of plastic received for completing normal difficulty raids has been doubled.
  • Missions – the reward for capturing the enemy base sector in the Assault scenario has been increased to 200 points.
  • And much more

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