Crossword City Chronicles Announced


Trailblazer Games has revealed that their new game is on the horizon and is soon to hit the Steam Store. The new game’s name is already revealed as Crossword City Chronicles.

Crossword City Chronicles is the only game that combines puzzles with crime, investigation, and mystery in the world. Playing as a reporter in a 1950s setting, one must use his word building skills to interrogate and interview different subjects and get to the bottom of the mystery at hand.

By using letters that are already shown onto a rack, and placing newly drawn ones on a board, the player has to make a word that has significance for the current situation. This will not only help with the current investigation but also to advance further into the plot.

The game does provide players with a variety of UI languages, which can be changed at any given time. The story itself is only available in English and French at the moment.

KEY Features:

  • Challenging crosswords that solve cases.
  • Using one’s own detective and dictionary skills of the English or French language: Reveal clues by scoring word bonuses.
  • Interview suspects with mini-games like word connections, target word scores, tile reveals, and much more.
  • Play in a setting situated in the ’50s as an investigative reporter, whose objective is getting big leads.
  • Explore a megalopolis filled with colorful characters.
  • New episodes revealed with regular updates.
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