Crown Trick Collector’s Edition coming next month

Crown Trick Collector’s Edition coming next month

Crown Trick, the animated rogue-like RPG that we have experienced on both PC and PlayStation 4 is having a physical release on December 10th, 2021. The game will have a standard edition and a collector’s edition for Switch and PlayStation 4. The latter comes with the original game, a set of postcards, the original soundtrack on CD, and the DLC. In Crown Trick the game flows as you go, as this turn-based combat game moves one step at a time, giving the player enough time to think and to react. You play as Elle, a young girl who wakes up in a rather strange dream, as she is approached by a mysterious talking crown. This magic crown guides our heroine on her travels as she isn’t strong enough to do it all by herself.

Elle is stuck in the Realm of Nightmares, where the seams between dreams and reality are breaking up. This is the work of Vlad, who performed a forbidden sacrificial ritual that has released a bunch of monsters upon the Nightmare Realm. She must venture deep into her dreams before this nightmare becomes a reality, as she is the only one who can save the world.

Key features include:

  • A totally new approach to strategy roguelike gameplay;
  • Synchronous turn-based combat, where each move is full of possibilities and each battle is a challenge;
  • Explore the atmospheric dungeons of different settings and try your best to survive until the end;
  • Build your own unique combat style and choose from the variety of 40+ active skills, 60+ passive abilities, 30+ usable items, 170+ special relics;
  • Slay 100+ different monsters wielding 9 unique types of weapons or up to 120+ individual weapons in total;
  • Dare to challenge more than 10+ powerful bosses;
  • Solve 60+ mysterious challenges and puzzles;
  • Experience randomly generated dungeons, weapons, relics, items, and challenges each time you start your journey;
  • Reveal all the secrets and find the truth hidden behind the Nightmare Realm.

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Never give up on a dream. It might be a long nightmare, but one day it will change into a beautiful reality - MC_JP 2014

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