Crown Wars: The Black Prince gets a new gameplay video

Crown Wars: The Black Prince gets a new gameplay video

Today, NACON revealed a new gameplay video for Crown Wars: The Black Prince, showcasing the main features of this turn-based tactics and strategy game. A demo of the game was previously available during Steam Next Fest in early February, garnering positive reviews and attracting over 10,000 players, earning it a place among the top 100 most-played demos. Crown Wars: The Black Prince pays homage to the tactical and strategic turn-based genre, adhering to beloved conventions. The game transports players to the Hundred Years’ War, where rival royal families vie for control over the most powerful kingdom in the West. Amidst the conflict, a looming evil threatens to alter history forever. The Order, a clandestine and malevolent organization driven by the pursuit of power, sows chaos and discord throughout the kingdom.


  • Utilization of cover, positioning, and skill combos to leverage terrain and environment
  • Complex, tactical turn-based scenarios
  • Diverse primary and secondary objectives
  • Extensive array of weapons with class-based upgrades and strategies
  • Unlocking over 100 class skills per character for various effects such as damage, slowdown, and healing
  • Varied animations for finishing moves

Crown Wars: The Black Prince will debut on March 14, 2024, for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, with a Switch version following shortly after.

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