Cruise Ship Horse Racing now out on Steam

Cruise Ship Horse Racing now out on Steam

Indie dev studio Racing For Home Games has announced that their horse racing simulation, Cruise Ship Horse Racing, is now available on Steam. Cruise Ship Horse Racing is a unique experience that pays tribute to the actual cruise ship horse racing tradition once seen in ocean liners.

The game sees the player betting on horse races that are taking place on a grid-based track. An eight-sided die is rolled every second of the race to calculate the results and dynamics, leading to a unique outcome every time. The betting odds are also randomly simulated, with possible bets for the first, second, and third positions. Players start off with $100 and are able to make up to three $10 bets each race.

With the money obtained from betting, players will also be able to purchase unique horse art, with the possibility to obtain even rare or legendary pieces. Additionally, besides the Steam release of the game, iOS, and Android versions will soon follow.

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