Curse of the Dead Gods celebrates Early Access launch

Curse of the Dead Gods celebrates Early Access launch

It has been a week since Curse of the Dead Gods has been released on Steam Early Access. The game has been strongly received by the community of players and press alike. The game has gotten a rating of over 87% after its first week since the launch.

Passtech is already working on a new update since the first patch of last week. Focus Home Interactive has released two new videos that offer both beginner and advanced tips for new and existing players. The first video is specifically intended for new players and the second video features more advanced techniques for experienced explorers who’re looking to improve their skills and take on the deadly Gods of the temple.

The official roadmap is now available on the Steam page of Curse of the Dead Gods by clicking here, you can check out what’s coming to the game in the upcoming months.

Below, you can check out both new videos to get to know more about Curse of the Dead Gods and improve your skills to take on the deadly Gods.

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