Cursed Castilla EX (3DS) – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Arcade, Platformer
Developer: Locomalito
Publisher: Locomalito
Platform: Nintendo 3DS/2DS
Tested on: Nintendo 3DS

Cursed Castilla EX (3DS) – Review

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So many game developers are looking to make the greatest and most addictive games. Many think this can be done by going all out on game visuals, lots of gameplay features and much more. While all it really takes is a good story, easy to master gameplay and while we’re at it some good old retro feels. Cursed Castilla EX is just that. By combining a great story with some good old 2D platforming action it makes for a game that you’ll enjoy playing. Bringing the game onto the 3DS makes it that much more fun to play. It feels like a game that was made for handheld consoles.Cursed_Castilla_EXStory

Cursed Castilla EX (or Maldita Castilla EX in Spanish) takes us on a historical trip to the Dark Ages, set in Castile, a historical region of Spain. A time of knights, kings and occasionally monsters. Although probably not historically correct Cursed Castilla tells a great tale of the Medieval Spanish empire. You will take up the mantle of Don Ramiro, a knight serving under his king. Together with your fellow knights you will take on the quest to stop the evil woman Moura, who has plagued your kingdom.

Just like the old 2D platformers Cursed Castilla delivers a simple but engaging story line. There is a clear mission to be completed and you know it’s not an easy task. Besides having an engaging story, the game also houses a lot of secrets that can be uncovered.Cursed Castilla_0Graphics

Cursed Castilla EX starts the throwback to good old days with the retro art style. By taking inspiration from the old 16-bit games, Cursed Castilla creates a very dark and gloomy atmosphere. Every level has been given an extensive amount of attention when it comes detail. And although level building consists of using the same tiles over and over again, it still feels like a great environment to play in (when ignoring the monsters and the threat of imminent death, that is). The thing that will stick with you the longest will be great pieces of art they have created as backdrops in some levels.

Unlike some games on the 3DS, Cursed Castilla Ex is very playable with 3D enabled and adds just that little bit more. So, when playing on the 3DS it might be a great idea to crank up that 3D display and enjoy the full glory of that which is Cursed Castilla EX. A fun addition is the interactive bottom screen of the 3DS. Whenever you tap a button or move in a direction the arcade machine will match that action. Cursed Castilla_1Sound

To accommodate us on our trip down memory lane is the sound and music used in Cursed Castilla EX. The authenticity of the soundtrack is something that deserves a heart-warming welcome when you find yourself in some dark dungeon. If anything, it’ll provide a boost to your morale and will aid you on finishing your quest. The rest of the sounds used are pretty basic arcade game sound effects but the game would be barren without them. All in all, the music and sound effects really complete the entire package of Cursed Castilla EX.


Cursed Castilla EX is a classic 2D arcade action-platformer with easy to understand gameplay mechanics. The controls handle fairly well. There are only 2 actions, which are jump and attack. So, you’ll only use 2 of the 4 action buttons. You do however have some control over how they are bound. As for movement, you can either use the D-pad or circle pad while playing. Although in some scenarios you might prefer one over the other. For the majority of the game, you’ll be spending your time jumping from platform to platform and kill lots of monsters. But you’ll love every second of it.

While playing you’ll encounter various types of monsters and the only way you know to defeat them is to throw swords their way. Besides just encountering monsters you are also likely to find chests spread throughout the land. These can contain different kinds of things like shields, boomerangs, sickles and much more.Cursed Castilla_4As mentioned before the game is easy to understand. The gameplay mechanics aren’t all that hard and the different kinds of weapons you’ll find are easily mastered. Yet the game isn’t a walk in the park. All you have is a small health bar that consists of three measly little hearts. Get hit three times and it is back to the start of the level. Lose all your lives and you’ll have to start over from the previous checkpoint. Although it might seem hard at first, you’ll always find yourself coming back and wanting more. You’ll feel extremely satisfied once you finally kill a boss that has been keeping you from progressing through the game. Don’t be discouraged if things didn’t go your way because of a small bump in the movement. Don’t give up, try again and it will be well worth your time. The only mishap that this game does experience are slight delays when it comes to your input commands. This doesn’t always occur, but certain situations have a certain lag, which isn’t always a welcome interference.


Cursed Castilla EX is a great 3DS game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. It’s the perfect game for handheld consoles and is a great throwback to those good old games. Although it seems some of the issues that were found on the during the writing of our Xbox One review still remain. As the controls might seem a bit unresponsive at times. However, the game is still a gem. So, to wrap things up, Cursed Castilla is a must have for those who enjoy a good old retro arcade game.Cursed Castilla_2

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Rating: 9.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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Cursed Castilla EX (3DS) - Review, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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