Customization in Wildstar

Customization in Wildstar

The new INVASION: Nexus update brings some major additions to customization that will give players whole new ways to make their characters truly unique.

Companion pets

The first customization option is one that players have been asking about for quite some time: companion pets. Soon players will be able to summon their very own pet. Wildstar offers a very wide variety of personalized companions for players. In INVASION: Nexus, 54 companion pets are available for players to collect. The pets themselves can be obtained by participating in a variety of content throughout Wildstar. Players could earn them from shiphands, some dungeons feature companion pets as drops, various types of vendors outright sell them, or they could even just appear as loot from random enemies.

Once obtained, players can summon their pets whenever they like. Players can learn to summon as many pets as they can find, but you can only have one pet summoned at a time. But one should keep in mind that these companion pets are purely cosmetic in nature and provide no stat-based benefits, nor will they fight for players.


The Player, the Look and the Holo-Wardrobe

In addition to companion pets, the new update also introduces the new Holo-Wardrobe system, which is an upgraded version of the costume system. Players will no longer need to visit the Stylist in order to modify their costumes.

The Character Chop Shop already allows you to change the hair and general appearance of your character. But what exactly does the Holo-Wardrobe do?

First, players will no longer store physical items in costume slots. The player also gets the ability to save item appearances to an account-wide list of available appearances. In the new Holo-Wardrobe, when players edit a costume and click on helmets, for example, they’ll see a list of helmet pieces that they’ve unlocked and they can filter through item appearances by name. Players may also use the same costume piece in multiple costumes, and dye it differently for a unique look.

With the Holo-Wardrobe system, players will have account-bound costume appearances, the ability to setup ones costumes anytime they like to do so, a revised dye selection window and they’ll be able to compare costume displays against what they have already unlocked.


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