Cute co-op brawler Party Animals coming later this year

Cute co-op brawler Party Animals coming later this year

Recreate Games has announced Party Animals, their new Floppy physics-based party game. This game will be coming to PC and consoles in late 2020. During the Steam Game Festival Summer Edition, the unanticipated player demand for the demo actually crashed the developers’ third-party servers.

Party Animals brings a range of cute animals like puppies, bunnies, kittens, and duckies together in maybe the cutest cooperative brawler until now. The physics of the game are designed in a way to look hilarious with a lot of cuteness too.

Party Animals’ unique physics engine developed by Recreate Games features complete physics-driven character movements, leading to floppy encounters that can be both hilarious and unpredictable. A punch can both send your foe flying off the stage and knock your own character off-balance. This game will feature a variety of game modes in both local and online multiplayer. You can check out the game on Steam by clicking here.

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