Cyber Protocol PC Release Date Revealed


Cyber Protocol is an upcoming puzzle game with cyberpunk aesthetics, where you’ll have to solve puzzles in record time to save your android friend, G0X6! In order to save him and bring him back to life, you’ll have to overcome 100 handmade levels of the security system. Saving your friend won’t be easy, and the puzzles will challenge even the most hardcore gamer.

Cyber Protocol brings a unique approach to the cyberpunk genre, blending together not just androids, holograms and other futuristic constants, but old-school tech like floppy disks. Cyber Protocol also features an array of 8-bit music and synth-wave, creating a nostalgic mood wherever your adventure takes you. It creates a unique sense of awe and wonder for any hacker brave enough to tackle the security system, resembling the nostalgic sounds of your local arcade.

Challenging and dynamic gameplay is at the heart of Cyber Protocol, so if you’re looking to test your puzzle-solving skills and reflexes, or can’t keep away from the cyberpunk aesthetic, you can grab a gamepad and get playing!


Absorbing gameplay.
Reddeer Games has put in some passion and love to turn each of the 100 levels into a brand new challenge, not just settling for a different setup. The game also features new traps with different mechanics, which will be used in a variety of different ways from level to level. It won’t matter whether you’re playing the very first level of the game, or the last; you’ll be just as involved.

The game doesn’t stop after the single-player adventure. You can join together with up to 4 players to challenge each other locally! Be warned, as only the best of you can make it through safely.

For challengers.
Did you think the game was too easy? Try your luck with the arcade mode, with an increased pace and limited lives. If you’re good enough, you can top the leaderboards and show the world your skill.

For retro fans.
Are you nostalgic for retro-style games? Cyber Protocol has your back. Get rid of those old, dusty consoles and change the themes ansd sounds of Cyber Protocol.

Music player.
If you’re keen on lying back and relaxing after a hard day of hacking security systems, you can sit back and enjoy the Cyber Protocol’s Synthwave and 8-bit soundtracks before moving on to the next challenge.

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