Darfall announced for release in 2023

Darfall announced for release in 2023

Today, the two-person indie studio Play Square Games has revealed that Darfall, its upcoming strategy survival city-builder with RPG elements, will be coming to Steam next year.

Darfall is a genre mashup where you gather resources to build up your settlement and protect it from the forces of darkness. During the daytime, invasions halt, and the player is free to explore the map with all its secrets. When night falls, unholy monstrosities ravage the land and you must secure your safeguards to make it through the night.

In addition to commanding from high, you’ll control your hero as they brave in the ongoing battle. Collect materials for your blacksmiths and carpenters to craft weapons, and fortifications and shelter your kinfolk. You can also loot weapons and armor of your fallen enemies. By leveling up, you’ll learn magical spells to heal your allies or scorch your enemies. By ravaging nearby enemy hideouts, you can expand your town.

Check out the trailer below to learn more about Darfall.

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