Dark Envoy gameplay trailer and launch date revealed

Dark Envoy gameplay trailer and launch date revealed

Event Horizon comes with news today for their upcoming fantasy RPG Dark Envoy. With their appearance on Gamescom this week comes the newest gameplay trailer that also serves as the announcement for the release date. In this trailer, we see various interesting elements like the extended skill tree, the impressive inventory and much more. Bringing classic RPG mechanics to the table with a skill-based combat system built on classes and specializations.

Dark Envoy is set in the lush world of Jäan, filled with guns and sorcery but torn by a never-ending conflict. Players will embark on a journey with their party of relic hunters in a tale of destiny.

Key features include:

  • Control the battlefield, use the terrain to your advantage, and choose your tactics for success.
  • Slow or pause combat, giving yourself the time to plan and react.
  • Hand-drawn spells allow you to add flair to your magic attacks.
  • Embark across a variety of rich and lore-filled locations encountering a range of enemies and daunting bosses.
  • Craft and enchant items and weapons to give you the edge in combat.

Dark Envoy will be released on October 24 on PC through Steam and GOG.

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