Dark, while the title might not seem imaginative the gameplay of the upcoming game from Realmforge studios gives off a very specific feel. The gameplay looks like something you would see on the PS2 back in the day, and that is not a bad thing.

The PS2 was a host to many different titles but FPS games weren’t at the top of the last instead you had action adventure games, which at the moment is restricted to games similar to God of War. On the PS2 however you had two imaginative games that played with psychic powers, Psi-Ops: The Mind Gate Conspiracy and Second Sight, the gameplay looks wholly reminiscent of these two games. A spiritual successor to these two games looks like it can be really fun, I’ve been waiting a long time to play a game that felt like Psi-Ops and Second Sight for a long time.

Your kind is still alive, even though they have been long since dead. They have lived undetected for centuries among men, but they are not men any more. Vampires are not a legend, and you are one of them. Your name is Eric Bane, and yesterday evening, you were still a man. But when you woke up this morning, you felt incredibly powerful and thirsty — a thirst for blood. As a new-born vampire, you will soon discover even the world of vampires is a place of deceit and intrigue. In the course of your investigations, you will end up between the minions of a powerful vampire lord, mankind security forces and the secretive M17 special unit, which only goal is to hunt down and kill vampires for good.

Dark is set to make its way onto the Xbox 360 this summer

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