Darksburg released on Steam Early Access

Darksburg released on Steam Early Access

Today, the co-op zombie survival action game from Northgard and Evoland developer Shiro Games, Darksburg has been released on Steam Early Access.

In Darksburg, there are four playable Survivors to choose from to fight back the undead horde that’s assaulting the medieval city of Darksburg. You play with up to three other players to coordinate and fight against the zombie tide. You will have skills and special abilities to your disposal to eradicate this undead threat. Each character will have their own skills and traits that will make each character unique.

The Early Access version will feature five maps set in various districts of the city and three different game modes. You can coordinate with other players or computer-controlled allies and unleash devastating special skills and unlockable abilities in the co-op mode, take up arms against other players as powerful undead champions dedicated to hunt down survivors in the PvP Mode, or test your skills and see how long you can survive against endless waves of undead monstrosities in the Last Stand mode.

The launch trailer can be watched below this post to see what this game already offers in the Early Access version of Darksburg.

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