Darksiders III Keepers of the Void – Review
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Developer: Gunfire Games
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Darksiders III Keepers of the Void – Review

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Keepers of the Void is the second DLC that has come out for Darksiders 3. This DLC will let players venture through the Void, a new area added to the game that will be unlocked with the main game’s progression. This DLC will bring new weapons for each Hollow, weapon enhancements, a new armor for Fury and a whole new area to explore that is filled with new puzzles and enemies.


With the addition of Keepers of the Void, Vulgrim will give you a new quest, to destroy the ancient stone creatures that lurk in the Void to restore the Serpent Holes’ balance. In the Void, there will be four paths ahead of you that require the possession of the four Hollows you get from the Lord of the Hollows as you progress in the main story of Darksiders III. After you have acquired this new quest from Vulgrim, you won’t speak to him about this task until you return to him when you’re done. Outside of Vulgrim, the only useful conversation you’ll have is with the final boss Dovox, the leader of the Keepers of the Void. If you have already collected all the Hollows from the main game, you can run through the DLC in one go, but if you don’t have them all, the corresponding paths will be locked until you have all the Hollows.


The Void sure does look awesome. It looks like an endless world with only the paths you can traverse before you. the world is filled with disappearing paths that will appear when you approach them. When you move away, these will again disappear, making this a mysterious minimalistic realm. With the addition of this new area, new enemies have been added as well in the form of ancient stone enemies. These look quite nice, but there’s not that much variation. The four bosses at the end of the four paths look exactly the same with the only difference in the color of the glowing parts on their body. The newly added weapons and their attacks all look detailed.  Each path will have its own theme based on the Hollow that is required to enter this path.


In sound, there’s no difference at all from the main game. The enemies you encounter won’t even talk, and if they do make some noise, it sounds just the same as in the main game. When solving a puzzle, you’ll hear a sound confirming you’ve reached the end of that puzzle. Outside of this, there’s not much to say about this topic. No additional music has been added to the game in this DLC and the voice acting is still done very well only a bit meager as there be any lengthy dialogues in this expansion.


Darksiders III is an action/adventure hack and slash game and Keepers of the Void won’t be any different. There will once again be puzzles that stand in the way of your progress.. Keepers of the Void adds a whole new area called the Void with four new weapons, new weapon augmentations and the long-awaited Abyssal armor for Fury.

As you may already know, Fury will receive Hollows from the Lord of Hollows that will grant her special powers. These are the Flame Hollow, Storm Hollow, Force Hollow, and Stasis Hollow. These Hollows will change the form of Scorn, Fury’s trusty whip. Before this DLC, this weapon would change according to the type of Hollow that is currently active. With the addition of this DLC, four extra forms will be unlocked by defeating each path’s boss, one for each Hollow. This will offer a whole new set of combos for each form.

This DLC is divided up into four paths for you to take. For each path, one of the four Hollows is needed to enter them. The order you acquire these Hollows is maintained in this DLC. The first Hollow you will acquire will grant you access to the first path and so on. The first path will only require the use of a single hollow to get through the puzzles there. The second will require the combined use of the first two Hollows and the last part requires you to use them all for the puzzles to be completed. These puzzles are formed by cubes that will interact differently for each Hollow. The Flame Hollow will cause the blocks to move, the Storm Hollow will add a whirlwind on a cube that you can use to manage bigger gaps, The Force Hollow will add a purple glow to the blocks that will indicate you can roll on them with the ability to change in a ball of crystals and the Stasis Hollow will add a blue glow to the blocks that will let you jump against these blocks to reach higher heights.

Each path will also have some secrets hidden away. You’ll need to have a good eye for these as they can be hidden under your nose. These will test your ability to combine the use of different Hollows while swinging through this secret passage. When done successfully, they will lead you to obtain specific weapon enhancements for each form of Scorn. These can only be socketed in a specific form of Scorn while the base game’s weapon enhancements can be socketed in any weapon form you want.

In gameplay, the only changes this DLC brings are the new forms of Scorn that will be unlocked after defeating each boss. Outside of this, not much has changed. The enemies in the Void are relatively easy to read. Darksiders III could be easily managed if you can read your opponent and dodge at the right moments. In the Void, this has not changed and you can manage each fight as long as you successfully dodge incoming attacks and counter with yours.

If you’ve fought the first boss in the Void, you can say that you’ve seen all the enemies in the DLC. The bosses in each path will have the same style of attacking patterns so it’s relatively easy to beat them. The only thing that’s different is the element used with each move, the range they have and their damage output. The only boss that will be different is the last one. This one will combine his own body with those of his fellow keepers to give you the last challenge by using their powers. But with this new boss, the only thing you need to do right is dodging. If you succeed in this, then even this last fight will be a walk in the park.


Keepers of the Void is a nice addition to the game with a whole new area to explore and it will grant you some new weapons and a special armor to play with. Each path of the Void will have its own puzzles and the more you progress, the more difficult they get. The combat is great, but also a bit easy as dodging and countering successfully will always lead to victory.  It won’t add much of a story as you will only get a task from Vulgrim and he is the only you’ll talk to in the entire DLC, with the exception of the few words by the final boss. The Keepers of the Void will definitely have you busy for some hours but can be run through pretty fast if you don’t have any difficulties with the boss fights. The pricing could be a bit high but surely this DLC is a recommended one if you’d like to continue venturing through the world of Darksiders III for some time.

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Darksiders III Keepers of the Void - Review, 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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