DarkZero Wins The Apex Legends World Championships 2022!

DarkZero are Apex Legends World Champions! This year’s tournament took place in Raleigh, North Carolina, and featured a $2,000,000 prize pool. The Australian walked away with $500,000! This DarkZero’s second straight World Championship, and they have cemented themselves as the kings of Apex Legends!

DarkZero Struggled in The Early Rounds

Incredibly DarkZero did not manage even one kill during the early stages of the event. However, the Aussies rallied back and started getting kills as they found themselves in 13th place. Once the game moved from World’s Edge, they found their world-class form. They were on fire during Storm Point racking up kill after kill.

DarkZero were eligible for match point during the 8th game as they reached the 50-point mark. The tournament was incredibly exciting because four other teams were also capable of winning. The other teams were so close to getting the win but couldn’t close out the game. In the 9th match, DarkZero hit six kills which was enough to walk away with the title.

How Did The Other Matches Play Out?

In the opening game, NRG, Cloud9, and GMT Esports got to the very end of the map. A crazy all-out shootout ensued, and only GMT was left. GMT had managed to dispatch their North American rivals.

In the second match, Furia was looking good as they were way too much for the APAC North team. AD. Pandxrz was unstoppable, racking up 7 kills. Furia scored 27 points. Furia was within reaching distance of the match point. In Apex, once a team reached 50 points, they only needed one more point to win the entire tournament. However, after getting so close, Furia was booted in game three as they went out super quickly.

In the 4th game of the tournament, 100 Thieves were punished by Alliance. This gave some hope to EMEA. Alliance racked up 21 points and was in a strong position to push for the win. GMT was in an even better position, only 9 points away from securing the win!

The game shifted over to World’s Edge, where once again, Furia choked and could not secure the win. GMT also couldn’t handle the pressure and had a poor performance. Fnatic, Team SoloMid, and Spacestation were all playing well and made it to the final three. Fnatic finally got the win and grabbed 27 points!

In the fifth match, Furia and 100 Thieves were going back and forth. Furia was too good and could end the tournament as they had accumulated 64 points! GMT Esports and 100 Thieves were also just behind and almost eligible for match point.

It looked like Furia would definitely win the tournament. They were looking strong and showed no fear! However, they were crushed as they became over-aggressive. It was Exo who ended up taking the game after keeping NRG at bay.

The fifth game didn’t alter the tournament results at all. In the 6th game, Furia once again had an opportunity to secure a match point and walk away as world champions. Furia was aggressively attacking other teams but got ahead of themselves and was defeated. The crowd erupted following their loss as they wanted more action!

With Furia gone, it was time for 100 Thieves to put the rest of the teams on notice. 100 Thieves was locked in an intense battle with Spacestation and DarkZero. However, 100 Thieves was way too slick for the other teams and ended up winning the match easily!

The tournament was reaching its pinnacle. OpTic, Cloud9, and Team SoloMid now had to win the next match; otherwise, the tournament would end as so many teams were capable of securing matchpoints. OpTic and Team SoloMid ended up battling each other and were picked off by the other teams. The final battle came down to Spacestation, GMT, and DarkZero.

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DarkZero played incredibly well and ended up winning the tournament. They earned $500,000 for their impressive performance and are now undoubtedly the top Apex Legends crew on the planet. And those who bet on their victory are happy for them!

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