Darwin Project goes free to play on Xbox One today!

Darwin Project goes free to play on Xbox One today!

Scavengers Studio has officially announced today that Darwin Project will be free to play as of today. Xbox one players that have purchased Darwin Project should now have received their Founder’s Packs today. These Founder’s Packs contain 2 Legendary sets containing shirt, Pants, Armor, Helmet and Boots, 3 Legendary Bows, 3 Legendary Axes and a full Jumpsuit collection. These players will also receive 10 Fan Gifts, opened from the main menu to further stock up their dressing rooms with a variety of styles fort their clothes and weapons.

To make the Darwin Proect arena even more welcoming, Scavengers Studio has recently added 8 new languages for Xbox One and Steam.

Also, for a limited time, players can obtain soccer-themed sportswear by opening Fan gifts or purchasing these new styles with Ramen in the Item Shop. Show your support for your favorite team or mix and match your own style.

For a glance at what’s still to come as this game gets continuous updates, check out the new behind the scenes trailer below.

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