Daum Games debuts MMORPG Black Desert Online at Paris Games Week

Daum Games debuts MMORPG Black Desert Online at Paris Games Week

Daum Games has revealed that it will debut its action MMORPG Black Desert Online in a playable hands-on form at the European game conference Paris Games Week, which takes place from the 28th of October until the 1st of November. With this, the developers offers both gamers and press the chance to play the PC title and experience its gameplay mechanics and stunning scenery.

Already mentioned is the fact that Black Desert Online is an action MMORPG, set in an open-world with next-gen visuals. According to the developers, Black Desert Online has the best and most in-depth character customization feature of any modern game which allows for an incredibly detailed character creation. Certainly a wonderful feature to have but undoubtly, this feature will cost many players even more time to eventually land in-game.

Other than that, the game has intuitive controls, fast skill-based combat, extensive open-world PvP modes, stunning landscapes and an extensive lore that will be able to excite both newcomers and veterans of MMO games. Additionally the game will have a unique farming system which allows the player to grow and perfect their crops. The taming system leans towards the farming system as the player can also catch and breed horses. Of course, the MMO wouldn’t be complete without extensive crafting, housing, fishing, hunting and alchemy systems.

Black Desert Online will be released in early 2016 and will be initially localized in English, French and German. Furthermore the game will not be free-to-play, nor will it be subscription based. Instead, the developers have chosen for the more typical buy-the-game-once system while allowing players to buy vanity items for even more customization.

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Daum Games debuts MMORPG Black Desert Online at Paris Games Week, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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