De Advocaat #2 Nood Breekt Wet – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Drama
Written by: Laurent Galandon, Frank Giroud
Illustrations: Frederic Volante
Coloring: Christophe Bouchard
Publisher: Le Lombard

De Advocaat #2 Nood Breekt Wet – Comic Book Review

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It’s already been more than a year since we reviewed the first issue of De Advocaat. The series revolves around Leopold Sully-Darmon, a lawyer who likes to be the center of media attention and thus takes on cases that may often raise some brows. While most cases he wins, his current one seems to be a whole lot more difficult to crack, and on top of that also his personal life gets under attack.

De Advocaat 2

Lawyer Leopold Sully-Darmon won his case in the previous issue of this series, meaning that he got his client Zeinab Zaïdi out of prison, be it only provisional, until her case is treated in court. Zeinab is suspected of crimes against humanity, and as her lawyer, Sully-Darmon does everything in his power to prove her innocence. That becomes more difficult as he keeps looking into her case though, as he finds out that the testimonies and medical file of her he got in Iraq are all fake. He decides that it’s best for him to go back to Iraq, to this time find out the truth about his client and her shady past.

In the meantime, the nosy journalist Poljak is still trying to dig up dirt on him, as he doesn’t believe that a successful lawyer such as him, with such a good reputation in the media, has no secrets to hide. He has been seen around the apartment that Sully-Darmon rents for a veiled woman whose existence not even his closest friends know about, and thus things might turn dark for the lawyer if he doesn’t act now.

Just like in the previous issue, the story progresses steadily, at a pace that is pleasant but not too fast. It gets complicated enough as is, thus it’s good to see that Laurent Galandon and Frank Giroud don’t bother mixing up the storylines too much. Nonetheless, it would be wise to read the previous issue once again (or our review of it), as without knowledge of what happened in that issue, you’ll probably be at a loss trying to dive into this second one.

Frederic Volante’s illustrations stay true to his style in the first album, which means that they look quite rough around the edges and not very detailed, yet they do the job just fine. Christophe Bouchard took care of the coloring, for which he often used solid colors, suiting Volante’s illustrations well.


De Advocaat #2 Nood Breekt Wet continues right where the first issue left off. No time for recaps, you dive right in. The story keeps being interesting though, as Leopold Sully-Darmon tries to figure out his client’s complicated past, while his own personal life isn’t without secrets either. This story is far from over, and while it progresses quite a bit in this album, there still seems to be a lot in store for us next time around.

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Rating: 9.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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De Advocaat #2 Nood Breekt Wet - Comic Book Review, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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