De Avonturen Van Nero 1967-1968 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Marc Sleen
Illustrations: Marc Sleen
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

De Avonturen Van Nero 1967-1968 – Comic Book Review

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It hasn’t been long since Marc Sleen, Nero’s spiritual father passed away. People have been coming together, baking waffles, which is the ideal way to celebrate him of course, as almost all Nero comic books end with a big waffle feast. In this new bundle of the Nero comic books published in 1967 and 1968, you’ll be treated to a few waffle feasts as well, which is reason enough to dive right in.

Nero Integraal 3 Banner

Adhemar has invented a new nutrient for insects that makes them grow extremely big in the album Kouwe Kwibus. His first experiment was a simple mosquito, that’s now a huge monster. Nero and his friends don’t know what to believe when they discover the bug in Adhemar’s lab, and try to exterminate it, but nothing helps. Captain Tuizentfloot tries one more time with his canon, but even that doesn’t kill it, it only makes a giant hole in the wall. Tuizentfloot attacks with his sword, but after a while, the two seem to have come to terms with each other, as Tuizentfloot suddenly flies off on the mosquito’s back, through the hole in the wall. At first it doesn’t seem like too much of a concern to Nero and his friends, as they are rid of the insect, but when they hear that giant mosquitos start to appear all over the country, it’s clear that something needs to be done right away.

In Arthur De Vetvogel, Nero goes for a walk in the harbor when he suddenly hears someone scream for help. On board of the Maracaibo, two men try to steal a man’s egg, an egg that seems to be of great value. Not knowing what else to do, the man throws the egg overboard, and Nero is just in time to catch it. After a hefty chase he finally comes back home with the egg. The following day, the egg cracks open and an oilbird is born. Scientists thought it to be extinct, yet this bird proves the contrary, thus is extremely valuable.

Adhemar has made another invention in De Wallabieten. This time he invented a pill that make you live a thousand years. He soon realizes how dangerous the pill can be and thus asks his father not to tell anyone. Nero promises, but of course the news spreads fast. There is even a man at the front door, asking to buy Adhemar for his master in the Wallabieten, somewhere in East Asia. Nero refuses of course, but when the following day Adhemar has disappeared, it’s clear to him that he was kidnapped and taken to the Wallabieten after all, thus he goes after him immediately.

Lastly, De Gouden Kabouter tells the story of Petoetje and Petatje’s garden gnome. Nero can’t believe his eyes when he suddenly hears the gnome talking to him in his living room, complaining about the weather. He wants to show this intriguing little being to his wife, but of course, the gnome refuses to talk while madam Nero is near. Nero gets angry at him, and the gnome runs away. Nero goes after him, but then he sees thugs robbing the bank. He can’t stop them though, but the one good thing that came out of it is that he found his gnome. Together they try and find a trace of the thugs, to turn them in.

Once again, Standaard Uitgeverij treats us to a republication of several Nero albums in a neat hardcover edition. The albums again show the great imagination Marc Sleen had, and are full of jokes and funny storylines. Nonetheless, at the same time he blends in the economic situation at the time, as well as his own experiences in life. It might not be as apparent for young readers nowadays, but Standaard Uitgeverij made sure to include a short intermezzo about each album with information about Sleen’s inspiration, as well as the former publications of the albums, which definitely adds more definition to the storylines.

Marc Sleen’s illustrations always look very likeable and fun, and the albums bundled here are no exception. The bright colors only add to the enjoyable look these albums have.


De Avonturen Van Nero 1967-1968 is another gem to add to your collection. The hardcover edition and the extra information at the end of each album make this an interesting collector’s item for those who came to love the Nero albums over the years. Maybe a fun idea to give to a friend now the holiday season is slowly coming our way?

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