De Avonturen van Urbanus #167 De Razende Matot – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Comedy
Written by: Linthout, Urbanus
Illustrations: Linthout
Coloring: Sabine De Meyer
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

De Avonturen van Urbanus #167 De Razende Matot – Comic Book Review

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When we say: ‘Urbanus’, you go: ‘Cabaret! Comedian! Singer!’, but he is also quite known for his comic books. This one being number 167 already, they must be rather popular. Even though Urbanus’ gags and songs are mostly a love or a hate thing, he has been, and still is quite successful.


Even though the title, as well as the cover illustration suggest something else, the main issue in this album is Eufrazie’s migraine. To make her feel better, Urbanus and Cesar want to gift her a holiday to Tirol, but since the price tag only worsens her headache, they decide to make a little bit of Tirol at home. They do that using concrete to build the mountains and water from the bathroom tab to create a lively stream. But Eufrazie’s headache still gets worse. In the meantime, they realize that concrete mountains inside the house might not have been the best idea, thus Urbanus gets a bulldozer to tear them down. Sadly, with it, he also destroys the house. Homeless, the family has to find a way to make a living. Meanwhile, Eufrazie, who still suffers from her migraine, is being stalked by a crazy professor called Dokter Schrikmerg, who wants to try his newest invention on her.

There is some storyline to this album, but, as you might have already guessed by reading through this review, it’s hardly worth to be called a story. It feels more like silly situations put together and glued to one more or less coherent story. These silly situations are supposed to be funny, even though most of the time they are not, and sometimes they are even downright vulgar.

The title of the album is quite misleading, as it makes you believe that the focus of the album is on the professor’s experiment, while in reality it only takes up a small part of the story. Nonetheless, it does add a little, funnier side note.

Illustrations are typical to the Urbanus comic books, drawn in a simple yet appealing way. Linthout uses thicker lines and often depicts much action in one single panel. This, together with Sabine De Meyer’s bold coloring, makes the whole look quite busy and energetic.


De Avonturen van Urbanus #167 De Razende Matot is simply put yet another case of love it or hate it. We weren’t blown away by the quality, nonetheless this could be worth it for those who like silly, rather pointless stories with some gags along the way.

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De Avonturen van Urbanus #167 De Razende Matot - Comic Book Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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